Zeyad Lays Down the Law

Healing Iraq is now off-limits to trolls! And good riddance to them, too. For those of you just joining us, the prominent Iraqi blogger Zeyad has been experiencing an ever-increasing volume of off-topic and hostile traffic in his Comments corner. He's just announced a policy of "no more Mr. Nice Guy" which will make life easier for those of us who want to have a real discussion.

On a more serious note, Zeyad also discusses the US reaction - and in the view of some Iraqis, perhaps over-reaction - to the Abu Graib scandal. He notes that many former prisoners of the Ba'athist regime contrast the present international outcry with the silence that surrounded far greater atrocities under Saddam. Zeyad also warns of an upsurge in banditry - already a serious problem - if large numbers of dangerous criminals are released as a result of the scandal.