The Iraqi Holocaust

THE IRAQI HOLOCAUST: More from Sam's charge sheet:

13. Burning body by Cigarettes
14. Hanging body from the arms which are tied to the back and hanging a heavy stone in the penis and the testes which could be increased until he confesses.
15. Udy and Qusay Saddam and Some other relatives like the brothers of Sajeda Telfah Saddam's wife used to go to Abo Ghareeb Prison and select haphazardly a group from the prisoners and execute them while laughing in front of the others.

This is what the peace protesters marched to defend. Let's think about that for a moment. These are the things that the "Don't Attack Iraq" crowd devoted their energies to preserve. But wait; it gets better.

16. Decapitating children in front of their mothers.

Are you proud of yourselves, ANSWER, for defending this?