Morning Report: May 28, 2004

- Sudan: North/South accord brings hope for Darfur as well. (various) According to Sudan’s vice president Ali Osman Taha, the signing in Khartoum of a power-sharing agreement between government forces and rebels in the south of the country will also pave the way for peace in the western Darfur region, where ethnically motivated atrocites have led to a humanitarian disaster. The BBC report notes that northern and southern Sudanese mingled freely at the signing ceremony, something previously uncommon in Sudan. In the wake of the accord, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has stated his intention to involve the United Nations in Darfur-related negotiations and humanitarian aid. Annan said he was responding to a flood of requests from around the world for the UN to intervene. However, the Head Heeb warns that “atrocities are still continuing in Darfur”.
BBC News: Sudan
CNN: Sudan
Head Heeb: Sudan
- Najaf accord doesn’t stop Kufa attack. (Fox) Despite an agreement between Shia leaders and Muqtada al-Sadr to stop hostilities, Americans came under small-arms fire in Najaf’s twin city of Kuja, and mortar shells struck a US base in Najaf.
Fox: Kufa attack
- Earthquake strikes Sari, Iran. (various) A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the northern Iranian city of Sari on Friday. More details will be posted upon availability.

SUDAN UPDATE. My Pet Jawa stresses that the recent peace accord will have "no impact" on the Darfur conflict (contrary to what was suggested by the BBC report).