Morning Report: May 12, 2004

- Stand firm. (Safire) Morning Report is pleased to present a two-for-one special on William Safire today. In Monday’s column, recalling Secretary Rumsfeld’s decision to re-examine the White House order for “military tribunals” for suspected terrorists – resulting in “basic protections” for those accused – Safire argued that Rumsfeld should not resign in the wake of the current scandal. Today, he reminds “those of us who believe in the nobility of exporting freedom” (and yes, dear reader, that includes your present blogger) that “we need not let our dismay ... overwhelm the morally sound purpose of our antiterror campaign.”
- American Nick Berg beheaded on film. (Various) The gruesome decapitation of 26-year-old American civilian Nick Berg reached the airwaves on Tuesday. You don’t need a link from me to help you find this stuff.
- Jane on the rule of law. (Armies of Liberation) Jane says “the path to a more perfect union runs throught Abu Ghraib.” An exceptionally fine article.