Best of Blogdad: Iraqis Address the Peace Movement (Part 1)

The worldwide antiwar demonstrations in 2003 attracted a lot of publicity. And the peace activists had quite a lot to say to the rest of us.

Some of the Iraqis they claimed to be defending had a few things to say to them, too, although it is not certain how closely the activists were listening.

The title of Mohammed’s November 17 post, addressed to the peace movement, gets right to the point:


I don’t know really know why Saddam’s regime lasted for over three decades, but I am sure as an Iraqi who survived that period that there’re no legal or moral justifications for it to remain. I was counting days and hours waiting to see an end to that regime, just like all those who suffered the cruelty of that brutal regime. It’s been really a disgrace chasing the world ,the world of the 21st. century, reminding it how incapable it was to aid the oppressed and to sue those who dispised all the values of humanity.

Through out these decades I lost trust in the world governments and international committees. Terms like (human rights, democracy and liberty..etc.)became hallow and meaningless and those who keep repeating these words are liars..liars..liars. I hated the U.N and the security council and Russia and France and Germany and the arab nations and the islamic conference.

I’ve hated George Gallawy and all those marched in the millionic demonstrations against the war .It is I who was oppressed and I don’t want any one to talk on behalf of me, I, who was eager to see rockets falling on Saddam’s nest to set me free, and it is I who desired to die gentlemen, because it’s more merciful than humiliation as it puts an end to my suffer, while humiliation lives with me reminding me every moment that I couldn’t defend myself against those who ill-treated me. [emphasis mine - aa]


Take a moment to read this over and think about it. Then read the whole post at the link. And visit the current post by Omar, Mohammed, and Ali Fadhil on their blog “Iraq the Model” – use the link on my sidebar.

Stay tuned for more.