More on the Six Morons

from Stephen at Politburo. Read the assembled comments from various sources. Don't miss the link to Zeyad's blog "Healing Iraq".

I think it's premature to say they've "lost the war" for us. It's simply that they have reminded us of what it is, exactly, that we are fighting; and that "the enemy" exists among our own ranks as well. By "the enemy" I don't simply mean these so-called "soldiers" themselves, but rather the principle of evil represented by their behavior.

But we can win. We have stopped torture at Abu Ghraib before, and we can stop it again - this time for good.

The Commisar notes that the phrase "six morons who lost the war" is attributed to a Pentagon source and is to be taken as hyperbole.

The part about "losing the war", that is; "morons" is a charitable understatement.