Security for Israel, Freedom for Iran

As noted here yesterday, there are persistent rumors that Israel and/or the United States may be contemplating a pre-emptive airstrike against the regime's nuclear sites in Iran.

Iranian freedom activists support Israel's right to security, but caution that any action taken against the regime in Tehran must come as part of a full-scale attack on the IRI mullahs in order to effect regime change.

For the Iranian people, a "pinpoint" strike that leaves the apparatus of oppression intact provides no relief or comfort. Such a move would only provide the regime with a pretext for further draconian measures against the Iranian populace.

For the West, it makes no strategic sense simply to "wound the beast." Merely attacking the IRI's nuclear facilities would treat the symptom but not the disease. We cannot afford to continue a failed policy of half-measures and stop-gap solutions.

Please watch this space for an official declaration from Iranian dissident organizations.