For those of you just joining us ...

... Zeyad is the Iraqi blogger responsible for the "Healing Iraq" blog. He is also responsible for helping start several other Iraqi blogs, including "The Mesopotamian", "Iraq at a Glance", and "Iraq the Model". In other words, he is the main reason we can get information about Iraq that's not distorted by the moonbat media.

Early this year, four American soldiers stopped Zeyad's cousins Zaydun and Marwan on the street shortly before curfew. They detained the two Iraqis, and then forced them at gunpoint to jump off a bridge into the Tigris - despite their protests that Zaydun couldn't swim. Zaydun's body was recovered ten days later.

Zeyad isn't anti-American (in spite of everything) but he is mad as hell. You should be too.