Morning Report: May 5, 2004

· Debka on US policy. An analysis by Debka reflects on Bush’s attempts to distance himself from the Likud rejection of Sharon’s Gaza pullout plan. The article also speculates on future moves by the State Department towards implementation of the Road Map.
· Sudden zeal: State, CIA, and Chalabi. (David Frum) Frum’s piece, referenced here earlier, strongly rejects the claim that Chalabi has aided the Iranian regime, and raises pointed questions about the State Department’s motives in making such an allegation, particularly in light of its usual “see-no-evil” approach to Tehran. Watch for more posts on State/Defense relations.
· Omar: Iraqis react to Abu Ghraib; reflections on the media in Iraq; Pachachi wins straw poll. (Iraq the Model) Latest developments in post titled “Old Friends, and a Conversation to Share”.
· Bush must acknowledge challenges. (Belmont Club) A flawed policy is better than a stupid one, says Wretchard; to gain a decisive lead over Kerry, the President must recognize that “the war in Iraq ... has yet to be won”. He must acknowledge “deeply hostile factions in Iraq” and the reality of Iranian and Syrian insurgency, in order to win back his credibility and the public’s trust and support.
· Schools closed in Zimbabwe. (Head Heeb) Jonathan discusses the economics – and politics - of education in Zimbabwe.
· Ginmar’s post on violence and sexism draws responses. (View from a Broad) An American woman soldier discusses rape and domestic violence, prompting a number of other women to share their experiences. Not to be missed.