New to Blogroll: Just Some Poor Schmuck

Often read but never heretofore cited, Just Some Poor Schmuck makes a debut on the Dreams Into Lightning blogroll. Here's JSPS (alias John Dunshee) on the subject of, wait for it, cartoons:
Most make the point that riot and murder is not the normal response to a cartoon, even if you find them offensive. Many people found the recent Tom Toles cartoon in the Washington Post offensive. But the Joint Chiefs of Staff with all their soldiers, planes, ships and missiles did not flatten the Post building. They wrote a letter.

Some of the cartoonists seem to have decided that writing a letter expressing your displeasure is exactly the same as burning an embassy.

Others take the position that it was irresponsible for the Danish cartoonists to draw the cartoons and for the newspapers to publish them. A strange position for editorial cartoonists whose work is always offensive to someone. At least if they're any good it is.

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