Buy Danish!

Fighting my way through the blur of a Carlsberg-induced hangover, I've got to put in a few words for the "Buy Danish" movement. History News Network has some ideas:
Danish Havarti cheese

Carlsberg and Tuborg Beers.

Arla owns White Clover Dairy, a Wisconsin company so buy that brand. It comes under White Clover and Holland Farm.

Danish Crown hams ( DAK (sold at Sam clubs)... baby back ribs, because they come from Denmark.

You shop online at The Danish Foodshop and Danish Deli Foods.

You can also buy gorgious Danish porcelain and LEGO for the kids.

Go to the link for more details and more links. Denmark has refused to apologize for the cartoons, and that's as it should be.

UPDATE: Please see Comments for more ideas. And of course, go to the link.