Cinnamon Stillwell on Danish Cartoons - and More

Cinnamon Stillwell (originally of ChronWatch fame, now writing from the belly of the beast) has an outstanding column on the Denmark cartoon affair. Go to the link to read it, but here's a splendid quote:
How did this double standard arise? The answer is multiculturalism. Not the multiculturalism of different cultures living side by side, but the ideology that renders all cultures equal and therefore none worthy of condemnation. Such moral equivalence allows for the most backward traditions to flourish, even when they are destructive to the society as a whole. When democratic societies find themselves dominated by intolerant cultures to which they have given sanctuary, everyone's freedom is put at risk.

Multiculturalism also has the effect of erasing any unifying culture or nationality in favor of a collection of balkanized groups with nothing in common. ...

Go read it all.