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City of dreams: Michael Totten looks into the future of Kurdistan. It's located in a place called Dream City, a fitting name for a city located in a nation whose borders exist only in the minds of its inhabitants. But that's not stopping the Kurds, and Dream City is fast becoming a very concrete reality:
The heart of the new Kurdistan is soon to be known as the Dream City, a massive construction site going up on the outskirts of Erbil.

The Baath regime’s agoraphobic totalitarian urban planning model will be replaced with a cityscape fit for human beings. Neighborhoods will be built for people, not cars. Tree-lined streets will be pleasant to walk along. Open public green space will beckon people outside their homes and into their community. Restaurants and shops will add the perfect grace notes. Erbil, as a city, is a hard city to love. That may not be true for very much longer. ...

Read the rest - and view the pictures! - at the link.

Thanks to AmbivaBlog for the link! Don't miss Amba's latest roundup on religion - and this post on mortality in 19th century America.

Somewhere on A1A, Ocean Guy thinks the Mideast is going to get worse before it gets - hopefully - better:
A few days ago, I asked if it was starting already... it wasn't. Those incidents were simply a continuation of the low grade conflict the Arabs have been engaging in against Israel. The bigger fight is coming sooner rather than later... and it will come regardless of what happens in Iran. ... Two dates to watch will be Purim on March 14... and Passover begins on April 12...

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"We are America." That's good enough for Pamela at Atlas Shrugs, and it's good enough for me. We can make a difference ... you, me, and John Bolton. You know what this is about ... so don't wait any longer.

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