New in the Dreams Into Lightning Universe: Iridescence

It's a fabulously beautiful day in Portland, and I ought to have my head examined for spending it inside in front of a computer. Nevertheless, I want to share a couple of new developments with you.

I've posted new material from my father's World War II memoir at Pacific Memories. My father (Ken McLintock, 1920-2000) served in the Army's 37th Infantry Division. We're now about halfway into Chapter 6 and he's discovering Fiji. Still to come: the meaning of the mysterious word "Bula!" Stay tuned.

Also newly posted: some wonderful poetry by my sister (Stephanie McLintock, 1964-1992) on Wilderness Vision. And in the interests of style, I'm splitting off Stephanie's poetry and her prose into separate sites. I've created a new blog for Stephanie's fiction, titled Iridescence. The story "Iridescence", which I originally posted on Wilderness Vision, is now on the site that shares its title.

As a reminder and for those just joining us, none of the material in "Urban Renewal", "Pacific Memories", "Wilderness Vision", and "Iridescence" is my work. Urban Renewal and Pacific Memories consist of my father's writing, with the exception of the collection "Pacific Driftwood / Jottings", which appears on both sites and is an anthology of writing by his Army buddies. (I believe it may be my father's first work as an editor!) Wilderness Vision and the newly-created Iridescence are devoted to my sister's writing, which at the time of her death included award-winning poetry, fiction, and prose, as well as a number of works she never made generally available. One newly posted piece, "A Story About Drugs", was written with explicit instructions that it should not be seen by our parents. Other gems like "Stay" never got included in her numerous submissions to the Scholastic Writing Awards (where she garnered Gold Key Awards by the fistful) and sat in our family's basement for years until our mother's death in 2003. It gives me great pleasure to share Stephanie's extraordinary work with you.

The blog you're reading now is my "home base", but not all of my original writing fits in with Dreams Into Lightning and I maintain a number of sites on Blogger. In some cases, "maintain" is stretching it a bit as I haven't posted to some of these for more than a year. I have various schemes in my head for what I want to post and where I want to post it, but so far the pace of external events - both in the world at large and in my personal life - has held me back. I'm hoping this won't be the case for too much longer. Meanwhile, you are invited to browse the various DiL affiliates, which I've posted together below.


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