Egyptian Bloggers Set to Demonstrate Again

In case you missed it the first time (which would be partly my fault, 'cuz I failed to post on it), Big Pharaoh and Egyptian Sandmonkey are organizing ANOTHER demo against terrorism - this time with official approval!

The first protest in response to the terrorist murders at Sharm el Sheikh was small but drew a lot of attention. (They even made MSNBC - thank you, Glenn - and the Guardian.) Unfortunately, the demo ended prematurely when the police arrived - the demonstrators didn't have a permit.

Now, with official permission, they're ready to roll. So are you waiting for an invitation? Here it is:
A candle light vigil will be held tomorrow (Friday July 29th) from 6-9 P.M at Al Azhar Park. Permission was granted. If you are in Cairo, please come wearing white and bring as many people as you can.

Sadly, I won't be able to make it to Cairo tomorrow, but I will be following this one.