Iranian Leaders Speak

The Iranian Opposition Leadership has released two statements, with more to come.
DECLARATION No. 1 June 29, 2005

After years of non-unified an uncoordinated struggles of Iranian freedom fighters, the National Assembly of IRI Opposition Leadership has been established representing freedom lovers and political activists from inside and outside of Iran. The goal of this Assembly is to support the people of Iran in replacing the IRI with a democratic and secular type of government. This Assembly requests your attention and the attention of organizations under your supervision to the reasons of illegitimacy of IRI and its recent so-called “Presidential elections”.
Declaration Number 2 The National Leadership Assembly for Opposition to IRI
Subject: 18th of Tir (July 9th)

When 18th of Tir comes along, we remember 18th of the month of Tir of the year 1980, when the daggers of the summer sun accompanied the brave-hearted Iranians who wanted Iran and Iranian people to be proud. We remember that clouds of malevolence brought about thunderstorm of death and those brave-hearted ones remained only on the page of the history of love for homeland. When 18th of Tir arrives, we also remember the year 1999 and another generation of passionate women and men of this land, this time students and youngsters and how did each one of them only borrow golden daggers from the sun of the summer sky as symbols of pureness and freedom so they could wipe out darkness and filthiness. ... At the threshold of the 18th of Tir, to the political prisoners’ families, we say that you are not alone; we shall convey your voices all throughout the world with whatever means we can access. To the dark minded rulers of the Islamic Republic, We say that you can not shoot love, you can not chain truth. Freedom will arrive and in its saddlebag will bring gifts of dignity, welfare, and security to all of us Iranians.

National Leadership Council:
Mr. Reza Kermani, Temporary President - Iran
Ms. Homa Ehsan, Temporary Vice President – USA
Dr. Kourosh Sadri, Temporary Spokesman – Italy
Mr. Kiumars Farhoumand, Temporary Secretary – Sweden
Mr. Mohammad Ghassem Amin, Temporary Treasurer– USA

I'll be away on July 7, but my thoughts will be with the Iranian peopl on 18 Tir and every day.