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Credit where due. Some of us of a neoconservative bent may have become accustomed to saying less than flattering things about, er, certain countries. Wizbang takes a look at the important role of the much-maligned French government in the war on terror. And Power Line says of Saudi Arabia: "While the Saudis have rightly been blamed for their financial support of Wahabbism, which has largely spawned the world-wide terrorist movement, they also deserve credit for the effectiveness of their internal anti-terrorist campaign." The latest victory - the killing of Younis Mohammed Ibrahim al-Hayari - is one example.

Don't look now, but Kesher Talk is getting a new home. Watch Judith's current site for details, and prepare to adjust browsers.

Thoughts on the Chief's speech from Nadz.

"What kind of world do we want for our children to live in?" That's the question an American soldier asks in an e-mail posted at Captain's Quarters. Go read the whole thing. Meanwhile, Wintermelonsoup has her reactions to the President's speech and wrestles with morale issues ... that "don't tell" business gets old quick.

LaShawn Barber likes a good sci-fi movie (or even a so-so one if the SFX are good). She doesn't like Communist invaders or artificially inflated TTLB statistics (even if they work in her favor). Read all about it here, and extra points if you can answer LaShawn's trivia question. (Well, don't look at me. I haven't a clue.)

Caesar Rodney? Yup, a real person, and a real important one too. Read Sherri to find out why Caesar Rodney matters. Have a festive and safe Independence Day.