Morning Report: September 6, 2004

Russia mourns Beslan terror victims. The first of the more than 350 known dead - over 150 of them children - were set to be laid to rest Sunday, on the first day of mourning for Russia's terror victims. Last week's agonizing four-day ordeal began when 40 to 50 terrorists seized a school in Beslan, South Ossetia, and held some 1,200 people hostage. The hostages included about 700 children aged 7 to 17. Several hostages were killed on the first day. Although some hostages were released, the death toll continued to climb daily until an exchange of heavy gunfire ended the standoff on Friday. One boy, unable to stand the thirst any longer, begged for water from one of the terrorists and was bayoneted. Ostensibly the work of Chechen separatists, the attack was almost certainly the work of al-Qaeda. Of the 27 terrorists killed, ten were identified as Arabs, not Chechens. The Chechen leader, Aslan Maskhadov, has denied involvement.
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