Arrival Day: 350 Years of Neocons?

Jonathan Edelstein, a.k.a. The Head Heeb, deserves a big "L'Chaim!" In addition to his very fine blog focusing on African and Israeli/Mideast affairs, he's promoting the commemoration of Arrival Day, September 7. The date marks the anniversary of the landing of the first Jewish immigrants in New Amsterdam on September 7, 1654, so this year's Arrival Day will signal some 350 years of American Jewish history. I am joining Jonathan in taking the occasion to reflect on what it means to be an American Jew.

Given that both the Jews and America are traditionally the parties on which the world's ills are blamed, it's pretty much inevitable that American Jews will end up being the scapegoats for almost everything - most recently the advent of that political faction known as the "neoconservatives", which, whatever the name may mean, is certainly proof that a cabal of Zionists in Washington are plotting to take over the world.

Sorry, I can't post the plans here. Anyway, as Nietzsche observed, "If the Jews wanted to take over the world, they'd have already done it by now." But I will be happy to join this conspiracy and post a few thoughts on being Jewish in America.