Final thoughts for 5764.

May you be blessed with prosperity, health, safety, freedom, wisdom, and good friends.

May the people of Iraq enjoy democracy and well-being in their land.

May the coming year see the liberation of the people of Iran.

May we find the strength and courage to stop the slaughter in Sudan.

May Israel know peace and security. May Israel see dialog between Jew and Arab, religious and secular. May the Jewish homeland live out its dream in safety. May Jewish children know that they have a home in the world.

May America live up to its true greatness and its dream of freedom, within its own borders and around the world.

May all have enough to eat and protection from heat, cold, and illness.

May the seeds of freedom spring up everywhere.

May we all learn to listen and understand one another better.

May we have the clarity to know good from evil, and the courage to choose good, even when it is difficult and dangerous. May we risk being unpopular when life has granted us a chance to speak out for freedom and justice.

May all creation know its own true higher nature, when G-d allows us to cast away the kingdom of evil from the land.

L' shanah tovah.