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Kerry on Vietnam. Go check out "Kerry vs. O'Neill" at Armies of Liberation to find out what John F. Kerry actually said in 1971.

What if? LaShawn Barber in on a roll with the implications of a Kerry presidency - chas v'chalila!

"Possibly the finest paragraph ever written on the internet." That was one commenter's appraisal of this post at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:
Their fear of religion had them supporting a brutal fundamentalist theocracy; their demand for sexual equality had them supporting a country where women were horsewhipped for showing ankle; their horror at genocide had them supporting a man who ran death camps to meet the mass grave quotas; their disgust for soldiers had them support a country that was little more than an army ruling over the captive breeding stock that refilled the ranks ...
Go read the whole thing at the link.

A tribute to the pajama-clad armies may be found at Kesher Talk. So go already!