I'm getting caught up with some old drafts that I had been putting off posting until I got them more filled out and polished. Well, the great is the enemy of the merely adequate; so I'm just going to throw them up there. Totten and Taheri raise some important points about liberalism, and I am still hoping to come back to these with a few thoughts of my own. Meanwhile, please take a few moments to read this.

Also, I've just put up a bunch of posts at DiL on Typepad which I'm going to copy over to here (Blogger site) shortly.

Don't forget to watch the Google Reader, newly added to the right-hand sidebar just above the links list. I am continually updating that with new items of interest from my favorite feeds.

Finally, I am experimentally making the transition from Safari to Firefox as my main browser. I'm mostly a novice at html and I'm still getting used to how Firefox handles style tags and text; so please be patient if the format here looks a little funny now and then.