JFK Terror Plot Update

Latest updates. Tammy Bruce: 'As I noted about an offhand comment made by one of the Islamists wife, there seems to be quite a direct connection to the JFK Airport plot to both Venezuela and Iran. Now, the FBI is making noise that they, too, are curious about the situation. The fact that this is news to them concerns me. Chavez and Ahmadinejad have been making eyes at each other for quite some time, even to the point last year of Chevez offering Venezuela as aplace for Iran to park some of its warplanes.

I have also reminded you on various occassions about al-Qiada, Hamas and Hezbollah running the drug operations in South America, and using the Mexican border as a conduit for Islamists terrorists. Thism akes the absurdity of the amnesty bill the monumental danger to homeland security. Even though Michael Chertoff seems to be more worries about $50 lettuce.'

Abdul Nur, 4th suspect in JFK terror plot, surrenders. 'A Guyanese suspect in an alleged plot to bomb a fuel pipeline feeding New York's John F. Kennedy Airport surrendered to police Tuesday in Trinidad, a police official said. Abdel Nur turned himself in at a police station outside the Trinidadian capital of Port-of-Spain, police spokeswoman Wendy Campbell told The Associated Press. "This is the fourth of the group we were looking for" in the alleged plot to blow up fuel lines that feed the airport, said FBI Special Agent Richard Kolko in Washington. ... The others arrested include a former opposition member of Guyana's parliament and a former airport air cargo employee who was arrested in New York. ... U.S. authorities claim the alleged plotters unsuccessfully sought support in Trinidad from Jamaat al Muslimeen, a radical Islamic group that staged a deadly coup attempt in the Caribbean nation in 1990. In addition to Nur, Trinidadian authorities are holding two suspects: Abdul Kadir, the former Guyanese lawmaker, and Kareem Ibrahim of Trinidad. They are fighting extradition to the United States. The other suspect named, Russell Defreitas, is a former JFK air cargo employee who was arrested in New York. He is a U.S. citizen native to Guyana, a former Dutch and British colony on the northern coast of South America.' Go to the link for full story.

KEYE-42 (CBS) has more, with quotes from anti-terrorism expert Richard Miniter. They've also got a still from the video at Lindenwood Diner where Defreitas took his last breaths as a free man. And reminders that this nutjob was nursing a grudge against America and Israel for a long time.

CNN: Four men charged. This item has a good video segment by CNN (worth sitting through the commercial).

Remarks. One thing that's starting to bug me about this story is that the Government's assessment of the plot seems to be inconsistent: it would have resulted in a "significant loss of life" (Mark Mershon, FBI) and yet it "wasn't technically feasible" (Homeland Security). Well, which is it? It might be possible to reconcile these two statements, but on the face of things it looks as if the Feds can't make up their minds.