About that KGB video

and why I'm not linking it. (Go to Pajamas Media.)

This is an example of something I think is probably true and probably important - but I'd like to have better sourcing and context before posting it. Yuri Bezmenov is (we're told) a former KGB agent, and he explains the KGB's covert tactics including "demoralization" in the US.

Now I don't doubt for a minute that the Soviet Communists did a lot of damage to America with covert operations, and it wouldn't surprise me if every word Bezmenov says is true. But here's the thing: Who is interviewing him? Where and when was the interview conducted? What do we know about Bezmenov other than what the video (and Pajamas media) tell us?

I'm an enemy of Communism. But not every enemy of Communism is a friend of mine.

Where did this video come from? And did the folks at Pajamas Media take a look at the other videos this same YouTube user has posted?

And did they notice the "88" in the guy's username?