Mary Cheney: Now It's My Turn

Tammy has some warm words for Vice President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary Cheney:
I know Mary and while we don't agree on all issues (she's pro-life as an example), we both know that thoughtful people can and do come to seriously different conclusions about the issues. At the same time, we're on the same side disagreeing with President Bush's effort to change the U.S. Constitution regarding the gay marriage issue. She's a true American patriot, in the Classical Liberal style, an Authentic Conservative committed to true American freedom.

There's lots of behind the scenes stories in the book including what her father's debate prep was like, as well as her parents reaction to her revelation when she was a a teenager that she's gay.

Mary, like I , also knows what it's like to face the Gay Gestapo and how ugly and vile the "tolerant Left" can be when homosexuals don't conform to the Leftist worldview. Her stories are great, her courage inspiring, and her book worth supporting. I personally know about the compassion and generosity of American Conservatives, it's time to show the nation the value and importance of Mary's message by making her book a terrific success.

Book? Oh, yes, the book! It is Now It's My Turn, by Mary Cheney. I'm gonna get my copy tomorrow.

Oh, and here's a few choice words from Tammy Bruce in FrontPage Magazine (October 2004):
First, Mary Cheney is hated by the Gay Elite. There are discussions are direct efforts to make life uncomfortable for her. Why? Because she dares to be different. She has made the same mistake as I—she refuses to have her sexuality be the singular defining aspect of her identity, and she has had the gall to be her own person and not bow down to the leftist agenda. Yes, she commits the fatal mistake of not conforming to the conformist Gay agenda.

Cut to John Kerry on debate night. Here is a man who is trying to maintain the traditional base of Democratic party support. Women are abandoning him as they realize having a passive internationalist in the White House is not the best protection against a Beslan horror on American soil. President Bush had the support of nine percent of blacks in the 2000 race. At this writing it has doubled to eighteen percent. Not good signs for Kerry.

Now consider that supposed political monolith of homosexuals. Kerry says he’s opposed to gay marriage but supports civil unions, a position identical with the president’s. I contend Kerry was in part pandering to the Gay Elite to make up for his position on marriage. The targeting of Mary Cheney by the Gay Elite is a well known effort by liberals, and Kerry’s comment was his way of saying “I’m with you,” by attempting to further their punishment of her on international television.

Of course, pundits have argued that you can’t embarrass an openly gay person by referring to her as, well, gay. While Mary Cheney is out, she has made choices to lead a quiet private life, laden with that pesky dignity thing, and oh yeah, she’s a…a…Republican!! Neither one of those ideas can get out, oh no.