Jack Straw Is Out

Free Iran News reports, with no great sorrow, that Jack Straw has been dismissed as the Blair government's foreign secretary:

Our most dangerous enemy His Excellency! Jack (Without) Straw got the boot that he deserved.
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From: Ramin EtebarSent: Friday, May 05, 2006 4:44 PM
To: Subject: Tony Blair Fires Foreign Secretary-Jack Straw
Importance: High

Jack Mo-Straw is fired

Ex-Marxist and one of the Leftover Neo-Liberal Old Europe anti-US diplomat who provided direct and indirect support to Islamists terrorists occupied Iran and other anti-American radicals, is now down to toilet of the history. During his time in the office, most of the terrorist groups and groups responsible for 9/11 disaster, were flourished in England.

The UK - and the left faction of the Labour party in particular - are seen by many Iranian activists as collaborators with the islamist regime in Tehran.

AP via Yahoo:
Stung by an election defeat, Tony Blair shuffled his Cabinet on Friday and replaced Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in an attempt to save his own political future and shore up support to tackle crises in Iran and Iraq.

Straw had privately expressed doubts about the Iraq war to his boss and publicly took a different stance on Iran. He described military action against Tehran as "inconceivable," something neither Blair nor President Bush would say, and called reports that the Bush administration has contingency plans for a tactical nuclear strike "nuts."

Margaret Beckett, a Blair loyalist who has been serving as environment secretary, takes over the Foreign Office, becoming Britain's first female foreign secretary.

Charles Clarke has been sacked as home secretary in the biggest Cabinet reshuffle of Tony Blair's career. The prime minister is trying to regain momentum after one of the worst local election results in Labour's history.

Mr Clarke will be replaced by Defence Secretary John Reid. Margaret Beckett is the new foreign secretary, with Jack Straw becoming Commons leader.

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