Portland Spotlight: Plus Ultra Team on the News, Powell's Does the Right Thing

News release, via e-mail:
I am writing to announce that I, Tracy Twyman, and my husband Brian Albert, the team behind Plus Ultra ( http://www.plusultrablog.com/ ) will be featured on the KATU-TV evening news tonight [April 1, 2006] in Portland, Oregon. That's Channel 2, the local ABC affiliate. It will play on the 5:00 news, and again on the replay 11:00 p.m.

They are tying the story in with one about Powell's Books, which has announced that they will happily carry the new issue of Free Inquiry Magazine, featuring the Mohammed cartoons, which Borders and Waldenbooks have refused to carry.

They shot pictures of the Mohammed cartoons, but then they consulted their producers for permission, and at the time we left the studio, it looked like they were probably not going to air them. I repeated several times in the interview that you can't tell the story without showing the cartoons, and the interviewer, Susan Harding, agreed with me, but I could tell that the person with the veto power did not. But we'll see what ends up in the final cut.

Also in the news: Powell's Books will carry magazine featuring Danish Mohammed cartoons. Via Oregon Live:
Borders Inc. raised book-business eyebrows Friday when the company confirmed it wouldn't stock a tiny magazine's current edition featuring the satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that have enraged parts of the Muslim world.

But readers in Portland eager to sift through the April-May issue of Free Inquiry shouldn't have much trouble finding other outlets for the magazine -- unless they sell out. ...

Powell's Books plans to carry the magazine in its West Burnside Street store as usual. Rich's Cigar Store downtown and some outlets of the national chain Barnes & Noble also plan to stock it.

"I never like giving any offense, but the truth is that many of the books I stock have material that will offend somebody with something," said Powell's owner Michael Powell, who said he disagrees with Borders' decision. ...

Kudos to Mike Powell for stepping up to the plate; be sure you read the rest of Laura Gunderson's excellent article in OregonLive.

Powell's Books
Plus Ultra (Banned In Pakistan)

BREAKING NEWS: KATU runs “Plus Ultra Banned in Pakistan” as their top story.