Iran bulletin: IRI funds Nazi groups in Europe.

Islamic regime finances Nazi groups in Europe
SMCCDI (Information Service)
Mar 30, 2006

The Islamic regime has increased its financial help to several European Nazi and Far-Right groups, especially, in France, Germany and Austria. Thousands of Dollars and Euro have been already distributed in that line.

The money is being distributed by businessmen with links to some of Dubai's Import-Export circles which are working with the Islamic regime's Intelligence.

This policy intends to boost the regime's anti-Jewish propaganda and to show support of the regime's President and his denial of the Holocaust. It also targets the Iranian masses in an effort to persuade them on the validity of Ahmadinejad's claim which will look stronger with the presence of Europeans sharing his shameful view. [emphasis added - aa]

Does this come as a surprise to anyone?

[NOTE: At present I cannot independently verify this report from SMCCDI. I will post any corroborating or supporting information as it becomes available.]