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Immigration debate: Gay Patriot is the site of a friendly debate on immigration. Average Gay Joe says he'll march on Monday: 'I have many Latino friends that are immigrants and a number of them called me all day expressing fear over being kicked out. Some of this is irrational probably stirred up from political opportunists, rumors, and perhaps bad experiences with the governments in their native countries. I say this because some of my friends I know are here legally with valid work visas, yet they too seem to have caught the “fear bug” going around. These folks, mainly from El Salvador, were granted permission to work in the U.S. and have been here for many years. They have married, had kids, bought homes, and in all respects that I’ve seen are the kind of people we want to have in our country. ...' Go to the link for the rest, including AGJ's suggestions for a "hard/soft" approach to immigration. Bruce, the original GayPatriot, responds: 'AGJ outlined some good reasons and also articulated the right immigration policy and on those points I completely agree. But I have to disagree with him marching as he will in effect be lending credence to those who wish not to IMMIGRATE but to INVADE. The groups organizing these marches are not interested in becoming Americans, but well-paid Mexican workers in a place that happens to be called America. ...' Full post at the link.

Fulla fun. Samantha Burns reports on Syria's newest role model for young girls: 'For me, it's good to know that a somewhat similar version of Barbie exists. It's depressing to see girls miss out on all the learning they could be doing with their Barbies because they are too busy escaping into the mind numbing, pathetic video game drone.'

We are amused. Well, sort of. Tigerhawk, guest of the Belmont Club, reacts to the "Two Bushes" comedy routine. On a more serious note, Tigerhawk summarizes a year's worth of analysis in this lengthy post on winning the Long War.

Whose 'true agenda'? Pamela at Atlas Shrugs scrutinizes CAIR's kvetching about the Sudan Freedom Walk. Meanwhile, Judith at Kesher Talk reports that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is being evicted: 'Back home in the Hague, she is being evicted by her neighbors because the fact that Islamists have targeted her for assassination, and therefore requires 24-hr. guard, makes them nervous.'

Uncomfortably numb. Also from Kesher Talk, Judith has a roundup of United 93 posts, and this: 't was interesting that many spoke of being numbed by the movie (as in temporarily emotionally overwhelmed) or un-numbed by the movie (as in emotional catharsis renewing one's focus and resolve). ... [But there is another kind of numbness:] This isn't the same kind of numbness as described by the bloggers above. They are temporarily numb from allowing the drama in the film to deeply penetrate their souls and inform their choices, which is one of the functions of art. The numbness Chesterton describes, which is similar to the reaction I gave examples of in the Mars and Venus post, comes from experiencing the same emotions, but keeping their meaning at bay. The reviewers I quoted are trying desperately to keep Flight 93 from mattering, to themselves or anyone else.'

Imshin has a post about nothing. And a parable.

Marian at Eight Drunken Immortals reflects on the movies, and tries to keep her mind off that whack job Tom Cruise. Roger Simon reports that Chirac and de Villepin have missed an opportunity to keep quiet and possibly slandered Sarkozy ... and it may bite them in the derriere.

Link farm at Creative Destruction. Patti's in Boulder. Neo's slacking. Tammy's not. Beth talks marriage.

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