New Blogger: Ghazal Omid

Please welcome Ghazal Omid to the blogosphere! Her new blog, Nuclear Iran, is now up and running. Please bookmark it on your browser, and visit often! Here's a portion of Ghazal's first post:
Iran and its future

My lawyer suggested I see your movie, Syriana, because he expects I will be asked about it on radio and TV appearances on my book tour.

I pre-purchased a ticket, a first for me, for opening night here in Vancouver. The theatre was packed with adults for a change. I have never seen such emotion from a movie audience. It was almost as if they attended a funereal; so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. When the movie ended, half the audience ran to the doors to hide their tears. The other half remained in their seats, feeling powerless and betrayed, crying with their head in their hands.

It was especially hard to watch because I am an Iranian Muslim woman. I saw patterns of my country and the future of people I care about at stake. It is as if we are in quick sand ...

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