"I understand US history. There are a lot of heroes there."

I know I said I was taking a break from political blogging, but you can't miss this comment response by Jane from this post at Armies of Liberation:
All Im doing is highlighting the situation for the West where there’s no ready understanding. As is my right that was won for me through the last two hundred years by many people who died for me to have the opportunity to speak freely. I’m not necessarily talking about the world war one and two guys although they secured my liberty, but the women who wanted the right to vote in the twenties and were beaten by the police and called immoral, the unionists who where beaten and murdered by big businesses and security forces until they figured to all band together, and the black people in the US who marched and marched for years, not engaging in violence even when martin luther king’s house was bombed and the thing he said then was we must counter hatred with love.

The US local governments set viscious dogs on them ( students and mothers and regular people just marching) and shot them with water cannons and arrested them. I have very vivid memoires of that. A young guy was beaten to death, Medger Evans [Medgar Evers, 1925-1963]. Lots of people died, mostly blacks, a few white. When the rights of the minority becomes stronger, majority rights are more secure as well.

I am very appreciative of my equal rights and my right of free speech. The blood is barely dry, you are right. Some papers in Yemen are calling for my arrest by the US govt. There’s a lot of people I’ll never know who suffered greatly and saved me and all Americans from that. Medger Evans was beaten so badly he was unrecognizable to his own mother.

So talking about the shortage of rights in Yemen seems a logical response to the lynching of so many black people who were standing for their rights. I understand US history. Theres a lot of heros there. Theres a lot of heros in Yemen today. Lots of people in jail who shouldnt be, lots of people targeted, and lots of grievences not in the public realm, lots of people starving, actually starving. And you expect me to be quiet? Sorry but no.