Iranian Regime: Delaraam Must Die

A 19-year-old Iranian woman was sentenced to death for alleged "crimes" committed when she was 17, according to this e-mail message from the editor of UK Gay News:
I have had three emails today about a young Iranian woman who has been sentenced to be hanged in a public execution for a crime commited about two years ago when she was 17. All three emails said that it was not known what the so-called “crime” was.

There is a press report here … http://www.iranpressnews.com/source/009570.htm

I have tried to research exactly where Iran Press News is published – I suspect in the USA, but registration of their website is (naturally) very vague.

This is the text of one of the email received:

According to IranPressNews.com (Farsi version), a young Iranian girl has been sentenced to death by hanging. Her name is Delaraam. She was only 17 when she allegedly committed the crime. It is not clear what crime she committed when she was 17. She has been kept in prison for two years since then. IranPressNews reports that two other Iranians are to be hanged in public tomorrow (Wednesday 7th Day) - it is not clear whether Delaraam will be hanged with these two - in the city of Ahvaz in the southern province of Iran at 7 am. The place of hanging is said to be near a terminal in the SE RAHE TAPEH (the Tapeh three-ways).

It is also reported that a young Iranian man, aged 19, was recently hanged in the city of Saqez.

So the atrocities of the Islamic regime against Iranian children continue and no one bats an eyelid!

Shame on the free world!

I will be posting a brief report, suitably “vague” with “unconfirmed reports” etc., within the hour. But thought you might like to be informed of the “ horrific development”

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