Let's blogroll!

GayPatriot - the original GayPatriot - is back! Go to the post at the link to learn everything you always wanted to know about GP ... and don't forget to visit the main page for current posts.

A Jayhawk in Longhorn Country has a few choice words for message boards. Jayhorn speaks my thoughts on Free Republic, and on longwinded message threads in general.

"Chernobyl is Open." When Michael J. Totten begins a post with these words, you know it won't be long until you read the words "I have to go there." Go to the link to find out why Portland's intrepid travel writer wants to put Chernobyl on his itinerary (which recently included Lebanon and Libya).

Beth is on blogging vacation and enjoying the Southern summer. But don't let that stop you from visiting My VRWC and reading Jody's guest post on Terri Schiavo and Merri's guest post on teen abortion.

Homecomings are the subject of this post at Neo-Neocon. A reflection on some of the ways we've changed since Vietnam ... and some ways we haven't. Read the comments for some words from a Vietnamese Iraq vet.

Shavu'ot fell, appropriately enough, on 6/13 this year; Judith at Kesher Talk posts on Jews by choice - people who choose the Torah.