Fouladvand Update

From Azadeh, via comments:
Mr. Fouladvand was back on air today (via telephone only because they took away all his stuff). The MI5 secret police beat the crap out of him. He probably has a broken rib, big gash across his forehead, cuts on both of his hand, and serious bruises on his back. He was kicked in the face! I mean for God's sake, the guy is at least 60 years old (or he looks like it). They even shot him with tranquilizer guns! They know where he lives so did they really need 40 armed police officers to break down the front door and beat the daylights out of the poor guy at 3 o'clock in the morning? They never even told him that they were police or answered any of his question. Even after they handcuffed him and tied him to a chair, he thought they were the regime's agents coming to finish him off! It was only afterwards that they realized they were the police. They held him for 48 hours and finally let him go with no charge. They took his computer and cell phones and other belongings. It's symbolic that they arrested him on election day. Perhaps the regime called the British police with an "anonymous tip"?

I wouldn't be surprised.