Fouladvand Update

Latest news from Free Iran.

Azadeh reports:
So he was back on air today (via telephone). They broke his rib, cut both of his hands, kicked him in the face, and also injured his fourhead. They stormed his house at 3 A. M. and never even announced that they were the police. Poor guy thought they were the regime's agents coming to finish him off.

Rasker remarks:
Email Prime Minister Tony Blair at:


Congratulate him at how wonderful it is that his troops savage an old man who has lived so many years under the threat of assassination by the mullahs, and who might never have fired a shot in anger. How those real terrorists and tyrants must be laughing to see the agents of a free country do their work for them!

Azadeh adds:
I seriously believe that they wanted to stage it so that he would think it was really terrorists coming to kill him so that they would try to shoot at the police and the police would have an excuse to finish him off. I mean he has a gun. He has said so many times. If I know it, then so the British police. Why wouldn't they reveal that they were the police?

Why, indeed.

I've e-mailed Blair at the link provided above, and I encourage you to do the same. UK citizens especially, please protest this.