So there it is, just to your right, appearing in honor of Election Day: my spiffy new sidebar. I've added quite a few new links, and organized it just a bit, so please feel free to explore.

The sidebar reflects most of my major interests: current events, feminism, human rights, gender, science. I've also added some internal links, reflecting the fact that Dreams Into Lightning is now six months old and has accumulated a modest amount of material.

THE PORTLAND MUKHABARAT (thanks to MJT for that great phrase) includes: Michael J. Totten himself; Emily at Strangechord, who was among a class at Portland State that I was invited to address (thank you Prof. Liebman); Auntie Cracker, who sent me some words of encouragement on my blog; and Alas, a Blog and Jason Holliston, both of whom I owe to MJT.

WOMEN now includes links to Curve and Girlfriends magazines, and also to the We'Moon homepage. Of the numerous women's communes that flourished in Oregon since the late 1970s, We'Moon has been one of the most successful, and their famous datebook calendars are now available in color.

ACTIVIST AND HUMANITARIAN will be getting more links soon; keep an eye out.

POLITICAL AND NON-POLITICAL BLOGS is just that, and in no particular order. (A few of the links aren't technically "blogs".) I've added a few, some new and some long-overdue.

GYPSIES, QUEERS, AND DAVID'S STARS takes its title from a line in Amy Ray's wonderfully twisted version of the folk classic, "This Train Revised", performed by The Indigo Girls. (It's the last track on the Indigo Girls' utterly sublime album "Swamp Ophelia".)

Skipping down to MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, these are some of my more important posts from Dreams Into Lightning. ORIGINAL FICTION is just that; I'm hoping to get some new pieces going after the election is over. And for those who just can't get ENOUGH OF ME, I'm collecting my longer posts and series at "Dreams Into Lightning Amalgamated" (thanks to Canadian Headhunter Michael for that great word). Currently playing at DiL Amalgamated: complete "New Republican" series.

I'll continue to update and upgrade my sidebar as time permits. Stay tuned.