The Dreams Into Lightning Universe Expands

I've recently updated several of the other web pages that you see on the sidebar (and one or two that you don't), with more to come.

My father's page, titled Urban Renewal and labelled here with his name (Ken McLintock), has a couple more of his poems posted. Also, I've just finished posting the complete text of "Pacific Driftwood" and "Jottings", Dad's literary memoir from World War II. (I spent most of the evening typing it in.) The original typescript consists of 23 pages of old air-mail letter paper and was among his personal effects at the time of his death. It contains writing by his fellow soldiers of the 136th Field Artillery Battalion, and his own impressions of the campaigns at New Georgia, Guadalcanal, Lingayen Gulf, and Cagayan.

My sister, Stephanie McLintock, also left behind some exquisite writing, which I am posting at the page labelled with her name. I've changed the blog title; it is now called Wilderness Vision. Stephanie was troubled but enormously talented and she left behind a large amount of poetry and fiction, so please visit her site as often as you like.

Updates on human rights and the war against fascism will be posted at Freedom Matrix. I will be posting on Judaism, America, and the meaning of freedom at The Light of Freedom. These blogs have lain dormant for several months but I plan to start developing them more fully in the weeks to come.

The Iraqi Holocaust, Iraqi Holocaust Files, and Asher Abrams Portfolio are all mine too, but I haven't been updating them lately. However, suggestions for The Iraqi Holocaust are always welcome. It's not the most enjoyable blog to work on, but I think it is one of the most important.

A mysterious individual named Shoshanna posts at The Ocean Names of Night. She seems to think she owns this blog. I refuse to be responsible for anything she says.