Morning Report: November 22, 2004

President Bush: hands-on manager. President Bush personally intervened in a dispute among security agents, pulling his lead Secret Service agent away from Chilean guards after the Chileans tried to prevent the Secret Service from accompanying the President to a state dinner. (CNN)

Iraqi government stands by January 30 election date. The date for Iraqi general elections has been set for January 30, al-Sabah reports:
The UN  High Commission on the Elections has announced that the elections will be held in 30th January . That announcement forms a reply on the rumors circulated two days ago. Which referred to the possibility of postponing the elections under pressure and demand of some regional and  local political forces.Dr. Fareed Riyaal the spokesman of the commission said that the specified date will include the elections of the national association and elections of the national assembly in Kurdistan region in addition to the elections of councils in 18 Iraqi provinces.He denied the rumors on the contacts made by Lakhdar al- Ibrahimi the UN special envoy with the Iraqi parties to postpone the elections , saying that is groundless and it is just predictions because the commission is the only concerned side in adopting the decisions concerning all elections in Iraq.  

Debka: 350 nuclear sites in Iran. "What installations?" an IRI official asked innocently, when international nuclear inspectors requested, last May, to revisit installations they had seen earlier in the year. According to this Debka report, US intelligence estimates that as many as 350 sites may have to be hit in order to destroy the regime's nuclear weapons program. Additionally, Pentagon planners are convinced that such an operation must also accomplish regime change:
The first stage would be a bombing mission against the regime’s primary prop, the Revolutionary Guards. The second stage would be the destruction of known and probable nuclear sites – a much harder mission given the hundreds of sites known and unknown number and carefully camouflaged underground behind cunning window-dressing. US intelligence estimates as many as 350 sites. It does not have precise knowledge of which are the most important or even which are active. Regime change in stage three would entail ground action.
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