Said Jane

"By Jane Novak" - the byline that guarantees forward-thinking commentary on the Middle East - now appears at the beginning of this fine piece in the Arab News. The commander of Armies of Liberation has published her analysis of the "Bush voter".
The Bush voters are the people willing to sacrifice their money and their sons for a freer Middle East, and a world infused with liberty.

The Michael Moores of the America begrudge every penny spent in Iraq, lament every life as unworthy of the cause, lament the cause as unwinnable and are quick to consign the Middle East to another century of tyranny. They, under the banner of respect, support the candidate of retreat and disengagement. The anti-war movement does not march for the Sudanese.

The Bush voters are realistic and know that France and Germany will not join the cause. They understand that the UN is mainly an alliance of dictators supporting each other in the maintenance of the status quo. They know they will bear the burden alone. Kerry’s magic alliances will not materialize, because some nations have their self-interest at stake and choose a path of anti-Americanism in the hopes of appeasing their own peoples and the beheaders at large.

The Bush voter knows quite well that America is not safer since the invasion of Iraq and chooses to proceed anyway for the betterment of future generations.

Read the whole thing at the link. Go Jane!