The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

More Iranian unrest from Iran Focus, via Free Iran:

Tehran, Oct. 2 - Violent clashes erupted between local residents and the security forces in the city of Isfahan, central Iran. Among the casualties is a 14 year-old schoolboy who was reportedly was shot and seriously wounded.

On Thursday, eye-witnesses in nearby Shahin Shahr reported clashes between local people and armed Bassij Forces through the early hours of the day. Residents said that the majority of those who fought against the Bassij Forces were teenagers. One of the Bassij militia has been reportedly taken to hospital after severe injuries.

Sporadic street-battles continued well into the night and in the early hours of Friday morning a government-owned oil storage was set alight along with juggernaut tires in Seyedi Shomali street.

In the past week there have been deadly clashes between angry youths and State Security Forces in the cities of Bandar Abbas and Miandoab and the Nour-Abad region of Mamasani, with seven fatalities.

Analysts say rising discontent and frustration among youth over government-imposed restrictions and widespread unemployment are the main reason for the growing number of public protests across the country.