The Blogging Will Continue Until Morale Improves

With just a month to go before the election, it's still looking like a close one - although the College National Republican Committee shows that Bush is gaining rapidly among young voters, according to WashPost/ABC polls:

A recent Washington Post/ABC poll shows President Bush leading John Kerry among young voters by 12 points, 53-41%.

Since August, John Kerry lost 20 points and the President gained 18 points--a 38-point turnaround! The following is the polling data of the 18-30 year-old registered voters:

Washington Post / ABC August 1
Bush 35%
Kerry 61%

Washington Post/ABC August 30
Bush 45%
Kerry 53%

Washington Post / ABC September 10
Bush 46%
Kerry 49%

Washington Post / ABC September 28
Bush 53%
Kerry 41%

I attended a hastily-convened meeting of the Republican students at PSU last week. They put up a booth at the opening-week event, and I was pleased to see they attracted lots of positive attention. (I couldn't help out with the GOP booth because I was volunteering at the Jewish Students' Union booth ... and I'm pleased to say that we had plenty of interest too.)

I don't know whether I'll be able to post as frequently now that I'm going to classes, but I do expect to be keeping this blog up on a regular basis. I already have several posts planned for this week. Stay tuned.