Fun With Search Terms

Most disturbing Google hit on Dreams Into Lightning: Some individual in Sweden was looking for (and I quote) "build your own fuel air explosive". (OK, pal, here's how you do it: get a five-gallon gas tank, fill it with gasoline - or petrol - and take it out into a deserted area. Then take a match, and ... oh, never mind.) I've noted this character's IP address, by the way.

Lots of people are trying to find bin Laden. I'll let you know as soon as I see him. Meanwhile, I promise to keep you posted on developments. And yes, the Palestinian Authority endorsed John Kerry ... perhaps he should consider a leadership position in that august organization, I'm sure they'll have some openings soon ...

One reader wonders "why weren't women aloud to act in early drama productions?" Well, personally I'm curious as to why children aren't taut to spell these days, but never mind. I'll get back to you on that one.

I'm proud to announce that as of now, Dreams Into Lightning ranks #12 out of 6,750 for the Google query response to Doctorow on Bush, and fifth for the Yahoo query E.L.Doctorow unfeeling president analysis. Those folks would be looking for my October 17 post, The Unfeeling Left.

For those interested in Washington factionalism, a Google search on the query state vs. defense places DiL just fourth out of 40, with the May 6 post State vs. Defense - and the Chalabi charge. I'll be adding that one to the sidebar too.

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