Let's blogroll!

Thanksgiving Day special. I'll be posting a Thanksgiving piece (a bit more serious than my previous post) a little later on today. Meanwhile, check out these holiday-themed pieces:

Sherri, a new member of our blogroll, might have been thinking of Captain John Smith's famous admonition to the settlers - "he that will not work, will not eat" - when she wrote this Thanksgiving Day post on Straight Up With Sherri.

Kat at The Middle Ground keeps it short and sweet today, with this message. While you're there, be sure to check out the TMG main page. Kat, who apparently works about 40 hours a day, is posting a very informative series on Middle East history ... while holding down a day job (and I mean a REAL job)!

Jane at Armies of Liberation has some thoughts for Thanksgiving from the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, and twenty-first centuries. Read it all here.

LaShawn Barber shares some passages from the Gospels and a few thoughts of her own, here.

Happy Thanksgiving!