The American Elections and the Mideast

The 444 days, and September 11.
Amir Taheri in Arab News
... The embassy seizure showed that Americans were no longer safe outside their homeland and that even diplomatic immunity would not protect them. The 9/11 attacks showed that the Americans were no longer safe even in their own homeland, and that no amount of military clout could protect them against enemies that recognized no bounds.

In a sense the Nov. 4, 1979 attack on the US Embassy in Tehran could be regarded as the opening scene of a long drama that reached its catharsis on Sept. 11, 2001. ...

BBC-Arabic on Bush and Kerry.
Iraq the Model
Bush is a better choice than Kerry.
Regardless of the reasons behind the war in Iraq, I’m hearing news about Iraqis happy with the liberation and frankly speaking, some of the Arab media are very hypocritic when it comes to the situation in Iraq and they exaggerate things greatly.
We-the Arabs-are getting to understand many new subjects”
Mohammed Kerim Al Sabti - Oman.

“If John Kerry wins, I’m going to grieve to death because Iraqis want Bush to accomplish the mission.
As an Iraqi, I’m going to have a party when Bush gets reelected.
I know that time is needed for things to settle down in Iraq and what’s going on right now is a natural side effect for the fall of the past regime”

“Don’t you agree that our Arab brothers are not paying attention to what Iraqis themselves think about the war on Saddam?”
Huda-Baghdad. ...

Bush must not lose.
Big Pharaoh, October 22
George W. Bush, without knowing or intending it, became the symbol of fighting terrorism around the world. The global fight against terror became associated with George W. Bush simply because he was the first to instigate it right after 911. Bush to the fight against terror is what Bill Gates is to Microsoft Corporation. They are both symbols of things they started.

If Bush lost then all what America had done over the past 3 and half years will be in vain. The liberating war of Iraq will look as if it was all a huge fiasco and all those who sacrificed their lives to plant a decent country within the Middle East sacrificed it for nothing. How do I know that? I knew that by listening to how John Kerry heinously played with Iraq just to reach the White House. Mr. Kerry had a lot to play with: taxes, health care, gay rights, stem cell research, and even the Bush administration post war planning. Yet he chose to raise doubts about going to Iraq after watching the perceived mess there and seeing how Howard Dean capitalized on that during the primaries.

There are no words to describe how Iraq is so crucial. America must win in Iraq just as it won in South Korea. Iraq is America's most important foreign enterprise ever since world war two and it is the region's most important "attempt to create something decent" ever since Napoleon invaded the shores of Egypt in 1798. This is the reason why terrorists are doing everything on top of God's earth to make Iraq fail.

The big day.
The Mesopotamian
So tomorrow is the big day. For us the Iraqis, naturally, there has never been an American election of greater interest and importance. Well, I think that I have made my own views quite clear, and I still think the same. I have nothing personally against either the Democrats or Senator Kerry. I am not sufficiently well informed about the internal political situation in the U.S., so my own sentiments are naturally influenced by the situation in our country and the future course of the War on Terror and the conflict that is ongoing here. I am convinced that all pro-democracy forces in Iraq as well as all those defying murder and terror and bravely going on with their lives despite the nightmare; All these have quite a definite idea: It is better and more prudent that President Bush is re-elected. However, this is something which the American voter will soon decide. So whatever is the outcome, we wish the U.S. people well and hope that they decide wisely.