Regular posting will return to Dreams Into Lightning starting tomorrow. I've gotten caught up on American Literature and I've gotten a handle on Simpson's Rule and other approximate integration techniques ... now if I can remember the difference between the Shell Method and the Disk Method, I'll have Solids of Revolution down pat, and I'll be almost done with second-semester Calculus.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend, as The Next Generation is coming up from San Francisco for a visit.

On the home front, I just got a new vacuum cleaner and a new bed - no more sleeping on a futon on the floor! - and the apartment is finally starting to look presentable. And my DVD set of "The L Word" arrived last week, so I've got no shortage of mindless melodrama to keep me entertained during my downtime.

There's a lot I want to write about, particularly around anti-Semitism, authority and responsibility, and the changing landscape of American culture and politics. Stay tuned.