With the elections over, I'm turning my attention to some long-neglected projects, both here in the blogosphere and in real life. Here at Dreams Into Lightning I'm organizing and expanding my list of outgoing links. Please feel free to explore! Also I'm returning to some of the other sites I keep at Blogger, some of which I've mentioned here before.

Urban Renewal is a collection of writings from my father, Ken McLintock (1919-2000). I've just posted a couple more pieces of his poetry. His collection of WWII writing (by himself and other men in his unit) is at Pacific Driftwood.

A little about Vietnam. Dad wrote a longish poem in 1969 about the Vietnam war. Both of my parents were opposed to the war, not because they were pacifists (they weren't) or because they hated America (they didn't), but because, based on their convictions and on the information available to them, they believed it was "the wrong war". Their opinions were formed, in part, on the basis of allegations of atrocities by American soldiers in Vietnam - many of which have since been exposed as vicious lies. My father, a mild-mannered and sensitive man and always a lefty at heart, came across a magazine called Liberation that published such allegations - made, perhaps, by a certain John Kerry. I am still debating whether or not to post "In the Periodical Room" as a testament to how a good man was cruelly deceived.

My sister, Stephanie McLintock, was a very gifted poet and writer who died young (she was 28). I'm posting her work at The Sun, Consuming Itself.

My portfolio of student work will probably be updated soon. Currently it has some of my papers from English and multicultural studies classes. I reserve the right to edit, correct, and delete any embarrassingly bad work!

The Ocean Names of Night will be my homepage for original creative writing. Currently posted are three pieces of short science fiction and an original translation/commentary on the Kabbalistic text, "The 32 Paths of Wisdom".

Other updates will be posted here as they happen.