British foreign secretary Jack Straw has stated that a US attack on Iran is "inconceivlable", according to this BBC report.

However, a document recently discovered by researchers at Dreams Into Lightning strongly suggests that the British government does not make foreign policy for the United States.

In fact, Iranian activists are increasingly concerned about the role of the British government in Iran. Back in August, Michael Grove wrote:

There is no longer any excuse for Mr Straw to cling to the corpse of a failed policy, nor for others to acquiesce silently in his folly. We need to work now to support the appetite for democracy among the Iranian people just as we gave hope to Soviet dissidents and Polish trade unionists in the 1980s — by backing those who broadcast the truth to the oppressed, funding those who will organise for change and showing those who are really the West’s friends that we know a shared enemy when we see one.

Wise counsel. Is Jack Straw listening?