I'm back in Portland from a short visit to San Francisco. I returned Tuesday to find the city buried under some six inches of snow - a blizzard by Portland standards - and what's more, I had a mild case of the flu. So it's probably a lot of rest and indoor time for me for the rest of the week.

By Sunday I expect to be back to regular posting, Morning Report, the works.

Also upcoming: I'll be posting on Rabbi Steven Greenberg's visit to Portland. Rabbi Greenberg, at present the world's only "out" gay Orthodox rabbi, was scheduled to speak at Portland State University on Wednesday night, but the event was postponed on account of, you guessed it, the weather. So we're looking at Tuesday evening, January 23 for the event, and yes, you can bet I'll be posting on it here at Dreams Into Lightning. And if all goes well, I may also be able to attend a private event with Rabbi Greenberg; I'll post updates as I find out more.