Morning Report: January 21, 2007

An assassin is caught, but his words are ignored; an Iranian resistance icon is in prison; and some ship movements come to light.

Hrant Dink killer caught. Gateway Pundit: ''Turkish officials captured the murderer of Turkish-Armenian writer, Hrant Dink!' Citing Reuters: 'A man identified as Ogun Samast (C), accused of killing Turkish-Armenian author Hrant Dink, hides his face as he is led away by police officers after he was captured in Turkey's Black Sea town of Samsun, late January 20, 2007. Turkish police on Saturday arrested the suspected killer of [Dink] who had angered nationalists with articles referring to a Turkish 'genocide' of Armenians.' Little Green Footballs reports on a little detail the American MSM seem to have overlooked: 'NTV television said Dink had been shot three times in the head and neck. Muharrem Gozutok, a restaurant owner near the newspaper, said the assailant looked about 20, wore jeans and a cap and shouted “I shot the non-Muslim” as he left the scene. This little piece of essential information is now being excised from all wire service and media reports.'

SKF: Update on Ahmad Batebi. You might remember Ahmad Batebi, the Iranian activist who was photographed holding up his friend's bloodied T-shirt. Shiro-Khorshid Forever reports: 'Ahmad Batebi is still in prison. The best thing we can do is keep on writing letters to different human right agencies and gov. officials on his behalf. I will have a few samples up in the next few days. Let us not forget about him in his time of need.'

Debka: Stennis heading for Persian Gulf. Debka: 'The USS Stennis carrier with thousands of troops and 80 warplanes aboard is heading for Persian Gulf. Saturday, Jan 20, the ship picked up 2,500 troops at San Diego. The Stennis Strike Group has still to collect two ships at Hawaii before heading east with a complement of 6,500 US soldiers.'

Commentary. So, is Bush ready to do more than bluff this time?