"Wilderness Vision"

The blog "Wilderness Vision" is now largely complete. For readers who aren't yet familiar with this particular corner of the Dreams Into Lightning universe, Wilderness Vision consists of the collected poetry of my sister, Stephanie McLintock (1964-1992). Stephanie, who died at the age of 28, was a beautiful person and an extraordinarily gifted poet. She left behind approximately 75 to 80 poems, most of which are reproduced at Wilderness Vision. I've recently shuffled the arrangement around a little, and currently some of my personal favorites are near the top, including Where the Night Water Runs:
Once I chased a dream, a bird song,
a peacock feather,
through mindnight down to the lapping water
silver crickets like ear-stars singing
all along the fields where fieldmice hide.
There is no place to go
but down to where the night water runs ...

Read the rest here.

I'm planning to publish Stephanie's poetry in print. I would like to see her work published in book form so that it would be accessible to more people, and kept in libraries for future generations to enjoy. The internet is great, but it's easy to get lost in that big sea of information; currently Wilderness Vision has only had 124 visitors since its inception. I can't bring Stephanie back, but I want her to at least get the recognition she deserves.

Stephanie's fiction and prose can be found at this site: Iridescence. I'm happy to say that there is still quite a bit I haven't yet posted; meanwhile, please visit the site and enjoy. The most recent addition is a story called Marie; it is an exact and truthful account of our mother (the character "Ellen" in the story) and our father ("Cal"). Keep watching Iridescence for updates; as I say, there's lots more.